#LocateLevy – TC10K Race Day Contest


Who is Joseph Levey of #LocateLevy?

Joseph Levy (#LocateLevy ) is an unstoppable globe-trotting runner who has been on the go for months, running from Paris, France to the Bronx. This gentle giant is planning to end his world running tour at the TC10K. The problem is, it’s almost impossible to stop him long enough to take a picture.

Your mission, if you accept, is to find him amongst  8,000 participants. Take your picture on Instagram with Joseph Levy and tag it #LocateLevy.  Winners will be contacted live during the race to claim TC10k goodies.

Hint: He will be wearing #LocateLevy on a TC10K shirt.

What you have to do to win

  1. Be at the event (You don’t have to be registered)
  2. Keep an eye out for Levy (The guy in the pictures) wearing a bright #TC10K #LocateLevy shirt
  3. If you’re lucky enough to find him, take a selfie with Levy on Instagram
  4. Tag the pic with #LocateLevy #TC10K
  5. We will contact you if you’re a winner via Instagram



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