Teams Info 2018

Get your friends, family or co-workers together to run, walk or wheel the TC10K as a team!

There is no cost to create a team and registration fees will be charged based on the distance your team members select (1.5K or 10K).

As the team captain, you will need to create the team first and then your team members can select your team when they register for the event.

Customized Team T-Shirts

Teams of 10 or more members registered by April 6, 2018 at noon will receive a customized event t-shirt with your logo or your team name printed on the back.

If you have decided to have a logo on the t-shirt and would like to use a different logo than last year, or you are a new team, you will need to email a black and white high resolution logo to Black and white only, as greyscale logos will turn out well on the t-shirts.

All logos must be received by March 31, 2018. If a logo is not received by this date, we will use your logo from 2017 or print your team name (text only) if we do not have one on file from last year.


Island Farms School Team Challenge

Schools are encouraged to take part and have a chance to win $1,000* for your school from Island Farms as the Largest Team, Fastest Team or Best Team Spirit. If your school would like to be a part of the Island Farms School Team Challenge, please select the “Island Farms School Team Challenge” category when creating your team.

Students and teachers on a School Team that are participating in the Island Farms School Team Challenge receive discounted pricing.  Any supporters of a School Team (including any family and friends) can still join the School Team, but they will pay the All Teams pricing and should select the TC10K – All Teams category when they are registering.

*Teams may only receive one prize.  If a team qualifies as the winner for more than one category, they will choose which award they would like to receive and the other prize will be awarded to the second place team.

islandfarmsSchool team challenge

Pay Your Team Members’ Registration Fees

If you would like to pay all or part of your team members’ registration fees, you will need to select YES in the ‘Purchase Registration Codes for Your Family, Friends, Company or Team Members” when you are creating your team. (See screenshot below). Click here for detailed instructions on how to create codes for your team.

Here are the options if you would like to pay for all or a portion of your team members’ registration fees:

  1. PAY NOW for your team members’ full registration fees (100%). This option allows you to secure pricing at the current rates. A code will be generated that you can send to your members to enter during registration, which will discount their payment to $0.
  2. PAY NOW for a portion of your team members’ registration fees. A code will be generated that you can send to your members to enter during registration, which will discount their payment to $0. For example, if you purchase at early bird pricing ($40) and choose to pay for 50% of their fees ($20), you will receive a code that will apply a $20 discount on their registration. If they register while pricing is still at $40, they will pay the remaining $20. If they register while pricing is at $45, they will pay $25.
  3. PAY LATER for your team members’ registration fees. You can choose to pay all (100%) or another percentage of their fees. We will invoice you for the number of codes that were redeemed, at the pricing that was valid at the time of their registration. The invoices will sent to you between April 6-12, 2017 and payment must be received in full before Package Pick-Up in order to receive your shirts and bibs.

After completing your Create A Team registration, you will receive the code(s) and instructions in an email from RaceRoster shortly after registering your team.

Your team members can also pay the registration fees themselves. If this is your preference, please select NO during the “Purchase Registration Codes for Your Friends, Family, Company or Team Members.

Team Package Pick-Up

As the Team Captain, you will need to pick up the entire team package of t-shirts and race bibs and distribute to your team members. If you are unable to do this, you can designate another team member to pick up.

There is a special team night package pickup on Thursday April 26th. If you are unable to make that time, you can come to the regular package pick up on Friday or Saturday to collect your team as a group.


  • Crystal Gardens – 713 Douglas Street (Map)


  • Thursday April 26 from 4pm – 7pm – TEAMS ONLY (No Expo)
  • Friday April 27 from 11am – 7pm
  • Saturday April 28 from 10am – 6pm

All team members are all welcome to attend the Race Expo on Friday or Saturday to visit the exhibitors. They can bring friend and family too – we’re open to the public!

Questions? Comments? Praise? Contact our Teams Manager at