Running Room is dedicated to runners young and old, experienced or new to running.  We have a variety of programs that meet the needs of all levels of experience.

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A weekly Run Club happens every Wednesday from all Running Room locations.

Free training and information sessions at your local Running Room location on certain days.


  • Survivor Clinics
  • Learn to Run
  • 5K
  • 10K
  • 10 Miler
  • For Women Only
  • Half Marathon
  • Marathon
  • Run to Quit


Walking Clubs

There are a number of walking clubs in Victoria. If you would like to be added to this list, please contact info@tc10k,ca.  Walking Clubs and Groups in Victoria


Running Glossary of Terms

This glossary will help you decipher many of the terms you will see in training plans and more!

CLICK for PDF documentTC10K Running Terms Glossary



Helpful Tips & Advice

We Trained, We Came, We Ran! See you next year!


Kids 1.5 Trainer

Little Runners Can Train Too!

The TC10K Kids Trainer  gives the 1.5K runners some guidelines on how to train for their race.  The eight week schedule is broken down into three running days a week, the kids can follow the distances (or use the approximate time equivalents) and fill out the circles to complete the training.

Click the image for a downloadable PDF of the Trainer.